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5 FREE Useful Local Apps for Singapore (Android)

If you are new to living in Singapore or just touring, you might find these apps useful!

1. iChangi

app changi boxiChangi: Check flight arrival and departure times at Changi Airport with this app. You can also find information on customs, tax refunds, travel advisory announcements and options on how to the city from the airport. If you would be at the airport ahead of schedule, shopping and dining, and inter terminal transport information are available on this app as well. If you are living in Singapore, you are sure to have friends and relatives visiting every now and then – it’s a good app to keep!

app changi

2. Trip Advisor

app trip advisor boxIf you are here and have not made lodging or sightseeing plans, this app is useful to search for hotels, activities to do and places to go by location proximity to you or by other travellers’ recommendations.

app trip advisor

3. SingaporeMaps

app maps boxAlthough Singapore is a tiny island, even locals get lost with the density of buildings and roads. It’s always handy to have a map app. What’s great about this app is that it gives you point to point directions with driving and public transport options. If you do not have data or wifi on the go, there is a feature which allows you to download a map of Singapore for storage.

app maps

4. Showtimezz

app showtimezz iconShowtimezz: Watching movies is one favourite past time amongst the city dwellers here so the movie houses can get really packed. Use this app to check showtimes at all cinemas and the app also links you directly to the booking page so you know the ticket availabilities. Other features include movie synopsis and links to movie trailers.

 app showtimezz full

5. Singapore News

app news boxThis app has good coverage with news articles from almost all major local papers and news stations. The navigation is simple and straightforward – great app to keep updated with the news on the go.


app news

6. SGNumbers

app numbers boxEssential phone numbers that are good to have on hand are stored in this app. From the police and ambulance contact numbers to cab booking and pizza delivery numbers can be found in here!



app numbers

7. Property Guru

app property boxIf you are looking for a property to buy or place to rent, this is a comprehensive app to use. It enables users to search by functions such as location, property type (residential, industrial, office and retail spaces inclusive) and price range. Another useful feature is the property news feature to keep you informed of the frequent regulatory changes in the property sector.


app property

8. Tunein

app radio boxUse this app to make your travelling time on the public transport more enjoyable. There is a good range of radio stations to tune in to on the go.



app radio full



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