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50 Things to Do in Singapore! Bring a checklist!

Singapore might be tiny but it’s chock-full of fun! Let’s GO!

pasar malam1. Shop at a pasar malam, aka night market
These are occasionally held large green spaces near housing areas, usually next to the MRT stations so you got to keep a look out for them. The makeshift stalls comprise of usually a row of stalls selling finger food, and other selling items ranging from clothes to potted plants to crockery. Click here to watch our pasar malam visit during Hari Raya.
(Keep up-to-date as to where the next pasar malam will be held on this Facebook page.)
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2. Go park-hopping
The Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and River Safari and neighbours in the Mandai area and just a stone throw away from each location. So if you are into nature or enjoy just taking a walk, you can hop between these 3 parks in one day, since the Night Safari is just open from 7.30pm, and the zoo and River Safari close at 6pm. The Jurong Bird Park is a great park to visit too with a manmade waterfall 13 storeys high. Click here to watch our visit to River Safari! (Who doesn’t mind cheaper tickets? Get a better price if you visit more than 1 park – click here.) 

3. Sing your lungs out at karaoke
Karaoke joints are open till late so singing at a karaoke is one activity you can do into the wee hours. Try Kbox or Partyworld.

Merlion4. Take THE mandatory water-drinking Merlion photo
Visiting the Merlion Park is a touristy activity, but we must admit the view overlooking Marina Bay is splendid. To add to the touristy experience, you gotta let the Merlion offer you a drink! Click here to watch us take the Singapore River boat passing by the Merlion park.
(Photo source:

5. Eat kaya butter toast and half-boiled eggs from Ya Kun or Wang cafe
This must be one of Jess’ favourite activity because she always brings friends from abroad to Ya Kun for the crispy toast. Lol~ Need we say more?
Watch us eat half-boiled eggs and kaya toast the right way.

6. Speak in Singlish… lah!
Do what the locals do, eat what they eat, and speak how the way they do. Learn some phrases from us lah!

7. Eat a mountain of shaved ice desserts like ice kacang and chendol
Since we experience the everlasting summer in Singapore, you need to know what iced desserts there are. If you are at a hawker centre or coffeeshop, check out the dessert stall you will find the whole menu of colourful desserts staring at you. Best bet – ice kacang, chendol, or ice jelly. Whoo! Click here to watch Elyn and Jess eat a whole lot of dessert.

8. Take the zipline over the trees and beach on Sentosa on Megazip
We did it! 

9. Shop at Mustafa past midnight
Musatafa’s probably the only place that’s 24-hour and could you give you a solid shopping experience. Even the mainstream departmental stores cannot beat the range of stuff that Mustafa has. Seriously. Take the MRT to Farrer Park station and take a 5 minute walk to Mustafa.

10. Have Tze Char for dinner
So what’s tze char? It’s basically the food stalls you find at hawker centres, coffee shops and food courts, that cook various noodle, rice, meat and seafood dishes, steamed, braised, fried, raw – you name it. If you want a restaurant version of tze char, that would be restaurants like Jumbo. The menu is pretty much the same. The differences are mainly just in the service, ambience and price.

bicycle11. Rent a bicycle, pair of rollerblades, a 2-person or 4-person bike a cruise along East Coast Beach
Take a leisurely ride with a beautiful view along the beach is therapeutic. Plus, it takes less effort with 4 people cycling. 😀

12. Watch an MMA fight
Muay thai in Thailand, taekwando in Korea, judo in Japan and kungfu in China. Why not MMA in Singapore? Visit for matches!

13. Eat crabs
Chilli crabs and black pepper crabs rank the same on the must-eat list as laksa. Other than the full flavours of the crabs, this finger-licking meal is great to just past time with because you need to crack and dissect the crab for the juicy meat. You can find this at most coffeeshops from the tze char stalls. (Some recommendations: Crab Master, or Hong Kong Street Chun Kee.) If you prefer eating at a restaurant, visit East Coast Seafood Centre where the best ones are lined up.

14. Visit Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve
For those who love nature and the outdoors, visit this wetland reserve to escape the city.

15. Drink kopi or teh (coffee or tea) at a local coffee shop
Chuck the sodas and find out why most locals cannot get past a day without drinking at least one cup of kopi or teh a day. Find out more about local beverages here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 12.26.35 am16. Take a selfie with the Universal Studios globe
Never mind if you are not going to visit the amusement park, it’s THE photo and globe that matters.

17. Smell fishy at 4am at Jurong Fishery Port

18. Fly a kite at Marina Barrage

19. Try Tiger Beer
Tiger beer is the first beer brewed in Singapore. You can even go for the Tiger Beer brewery tour.

20. Have a buffet
This is probably the most participated-in activity among Singaporeans so finding a restaurant or hotel that serves one is not a problem.

21. Ride on a trishaw
This used to be a main means of transportation in the past here. Now you can go for an area tour riding a trishaw.

22. Savour duriansScreen Shot 2014-12-30 at 12.40.32 am
Not only do we love durian, we are in love with durian. Because of its strange, dangerous beautiful appearance, taste and smell, you’ll either love it or hate – us soakers choose love. 🙂 Durians grow well between June-August so you will find an abundance of durian during this time, mostly imported from Malaysia. At other times you will still find durian occasionally at random fruit stalls. Click here to watch us eat durians!

23. Visit Bedok Simpang for roti prata supper
There are a number of coffeeshops that service roti prata. One of them is Spize, which closes at 4am.

24. Roam a housing estate

25. Order a table full of local food at a hawker centre
Sharing is great. Eating alone doesn’t allow you to eat from 5 different stalls. But eating with 5 friends allows you to eat food from 10 different stalls. Try East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

Sugarcane comb26. Drink sugarcane juice
Find this green juice at any hawker centre.

27. Chill at a quaint or quzzical cafe

28. Challenge yourself at the Bedok Reservoir Forest Adventure

29. Join in a random queue
You will see queues of people randomly, chances are people are queuing for free stuff, like an umbrella, or donuts. 😀

30. Run a street marathon
Run with thousands more at one of the many road runs – Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore Run, Nike Sundown and the Illumi Run are the more prominent ones!

johnson trick eye31. Take fun photos
Trick Eye Museum vs. Alive Museum

32. Have dinner in midair
Option 1: In a cable car. Option 2: Ferris wheel capsule.

33. Go museum-hopping

34. Go for a guided walk

35. Roam Haji Lane

36. Experience sky diving…
…without jumping off a plane. 😀

37. Visit a farm

38. Feel on top of the world at Marina Bay Sands SkyPark or at One Altitude

39. Take a stroll in Botanical Gardens
It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage site!

40. Have a barbecue
Rent a chalet or book a barbecue pit

Have an ice cream!
Have an ice cream!

41. Get maximum satisfaction from eating street ice-cream
At $1-$1.50. 🙂 There are 2 stalls most prominently located along Orchard Road. If not, you will find them randomly in housing estates. Click here to watch us eat street ice-cream!

42. Go bar/club-hopping at Clarke Quay

43. Have a $20 steamboat buffet.. and sweat buckets
There are many eateries offering steamboat buffet around the Liang Seah area.

44. Shop along Orchard Road
(See the lights along Orchard Road during Christmas!)

45. Pop by neighbouring Malaysia
Take a 30 minute bus ride (traffic dependent) across the highway into Malaysia for a day trip of shopping and food.

46. Fish for prawns aka “prawning”
Some places have longkang (“drain”) fishing too – small ponds for kids to wade in and catch guppies. Click here to watch us go prawning!

IMG_357647. Watch the sunrise from Bedok Jetty
Pray that clouds don’t get in the way! You can bring a fishing rod or two and fish as you watch the sunrise.
(Photo: Us at Bedok Jetty which is along East Coast Park)

48. Eat Nonya kueh
Check out Lek Lim Nonya Cake Confectionery, or Bengawan Solo.

49. Escape a locked room
You are locked in a room with friends. Gather clues and solve puzzles to escape! The Escape Artist,  Lockdown, Exit Plan and Freeing SG are just some such game rooms.

50. Visit us soakers. 🙂
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  1. Take a trip to Images of Singapore on Sentosa, where you can walk through Singapore’s history and peek inside family homes during festival time. Multimedia presentations and a multitude of aging waxwork models help bring the exhibition to life and there are plenty of photograph posing opportunities for the snap-happy.

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