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Beef Hor Fun at the Old-School Prince Coffee House

@ Prince Coffee House: 249 Beach Road #01-249, 189757. Opening hours: 11am to 9.30pm.

Our usual Sunday lunch gathering led us to Prince Coffee House along Beach Road. Seeing how our friend Alain was chummy with the boss himself, it’s clear he’s a regular at this old school eating house. The old photos on the wall are photos of famous singers and actors in the past that have patrionised the humble eatery – as we learnt from those in their 40s amongst us over lunch. 😛

With a history of more than 40 years, Prince Coffee House was first situated at Shaw House at Beach Road for 13 years, before moving to Coronation Plaza serving their classic eats for another 21 years. Now, the eatery is back along Beach Road.

Alain highly recommended us the beef hor fun. You could request to switch the noodle from hor fun (thick flat noodles) to bee hoon (vermicelli) if you wish to. Why the beef hor fun is so good is because of the distinct ‘wok hei’ fragrance, which is plays a large part in defining any good beef hor fun. ‘Wok hei’ is a Cantonese phrase, which is the charred taste that’s infused in the food as a result of cooking in a wok over large flames. Alain’s also a fan of the oxtail stew, which was coated in more of a paste, rather than a thick broth.

Prince Coffee House also serves ‘western food’. In Singapore, ‘western food’ food’ usually means a piece of grilled meat drizzled with the classic mushroom or black pepper gravy, some fries on the side, 2 spoons of baked beans and some coleslaw. Fried options are available too. You can find western food stalls too at hawker centres and coffee shops where you could get a hearty western meal from $5 to $7, just a few dollars more would get you a steak.

Surrounded by an area of hipster cafes, Prince Coffee House is a classic eatery to dine at for a feel of the good old days.

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