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The Best Thing I Ever Ate (Food Network Asia)

@ Yaowarat Seafood: 27 Teck Chye Terrace, Singapore 545729

So, the “Best Thing I Ever Ate” by Food Network Asia – it really made us think – long and hard. With eating being the favourite past time in Singapore, we lack no great food choices. For us to pick out the “best thing” is like asking us who we would save if our dad, mom, brother and sister all fell into the water at the same time.

Elyn had a really awesome grilled pork experience at Yaowarat Seafood restaurant, which serves Thai Chinese food. David the boss was generous enough to share the 9 condiments that make up the special sauce to marinate the pork. The meat is marinated and left for 1 to 1 and a half days for it to absorb the special sauce. The pork is then oiled, then chargrilled to a point where the surface is just a tad burnt.

When you savour the grilled pork, the different flavours of the marinade saturate your mouth and it is the charred taste that really completes experience. A point to note also is that pork collar is used and the meat is flipped every 2-3 minutes when on the grill. The problem with grilled meat is that it often ends up too dry after the grilling. For this particular grilled pork we love, the meat is tender, lean, a tat juicy and has a nice bite to it.

Chef Ann who created this grilled pork recipe is half-Thai too, hence the nice Thai touch to this dish!

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