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Bubble Tea Taste Test

Milk Tea with pearls, 50% sugar level
That was our unanimous order for this challenge.

Welcome to Soak In Singapore’s very own bubble tea taste test!
For our foreign friends (or friends who do not know what milk tea is):
Bubble tea is a popular beverage that originated from Taiwan. The beverage is milk based tea shaken with sugar and tapioca balls (loosely called ‘pearls’).
They are usually sold in takeaway kiosks with prices ranging from $2.50 to $5.50 per cup depending on which beverage flavour and toppings (add-ons) you order. While you can pick from a choice of teas such as black, green and oolong, fruit syrups and malt flavours (such as Horlicks) are part of the ingredient list in a bubble tea kitchen as well. Other than the traditional pearls as an add-on, you can now also find other toppings like grass jelly, konjac jelly and aloe vera to choose from at bubble tea houses. When you place your order, you can choose how sweet you’d like your beverage – 0%, 25%, 50% or 100%(for those with a sweet tooth).

Okay, with the definition aside,
It is time for our challenge:
We have with us four milk tea of the same order (with pearls, 50% sugar level) but from different brands, Jessica and I were tasked to taste individual beverage (and their pearls) and rate them out of 5, 5 being the best.

I personally love bubble tea, hence, I am really critical of the taste of the beverage and just like all tests, there are some brands that surprised me (both in good and bad ways) while others lived up to their brand images.

Our 4 brands of bubble tea were as follow:

  1. KOI
  2. Each A Cup
  3. A-Gan Tea
  4. LiHo

Our verdicts for each round of bubble tea we tasted are listed below:

Bubble Tea #1 (KOI):
Too sweet! But the pearls are appropriately sized and really chewy, it’s basically the beverage saving grace.
Jess’ rating: 2.8
Rae’s rating: 3.5

Bubble Tea #2 (Each-A-Cup):
Are we drinking tea flavored water or actual tea? It’s really diluted. Jess thought the pearls were good, I had a different opinion.
Jess’ rating: 3.0
Rae’s rating: 2.7

Bubble Tea #3 (A-Gan Tea):
I personally had a rude shock when my taste buds touched this one…
Jess’ rating: 2.0
Rae’s rating: <1.0

Bubble Tea #4 (LiHo):
This one was alright, is it weird that I knew which brand it comes from just by tasting it?
Jess’ rating: 2.8
Rae’s rating: 2.4


Well, that was really fun! Each brand does have unique qualities and strengths and the most wonderful part is that we can get them all here in Singapore whenever we feel like!
I’m just beyond excited for the brand GongCha to hit the shores of Singapore once again, who agrees with me that it’ll be one of the most epic comeback ever?!

Note: We were not paid to sponsor any of the brands and comments that were given in the video were purely based on individual preference

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