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Bubble Tea Taste Test

Milk Tea with pearls, 50% sugar level That was our unanimous order for this challenge. Welcome to Soak In Singapore's very own bubble tea taste test! For our foreign friends (or friends who do not know what milk tea is): Bubble tea is a popular beverage that originated from Taiwan. The beverage is milk based

Singapore Tea Festival 2017 – Keep Calm & Sip on!

In conjunction with Singapore Food Festival, Singapore's first ever Tea Festival hits us this weekend (22-23 July) at B4, ION Orchard! Organized by local heritage tea retailer, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co, the event will be showcasing 17 homegrown tea and lifestyle brands; guarantee to quench the thirst of any

Singlish101: Pick Up Lines (EP4)

"You look familiar... have we met before?" I believe is a well, familiar, overused, ineffective and yet evergreen pick up line and question regardless where we are on earth.  In the past (before the 1960s), matchmaking was a common practice in Singapore. My grandparents were match made and only met each other once

A Peek into the National Gallery Singapore

@ National Gallery Singapore: 1 St. Andrew's Road, Singapore 178957 How to get to the National Gallery Singapore: Take the MRT and alight at City Hall station. Take Exit C. If you've watched the video of us at the National Gallery Singapore, clearly, art appreciation is probably secondary to our past time,

Weekday Office Lunch Culture in Singapore

In Singapore, lunch time frenzy is akin to Black Friday shopping, well almost. With a satisfying meal at a hawker centre or coffeeshop setting you back for as little as $3, most people head out of the office for lunch, instead of bringing lunch from home. Just head to Raffles Place

Chinese New Year Practices at Home

1. Wearing red Word has it that the colour red frightened the Nian, which is a creature that appears during spring time to attack the villagers. Red also symbolises good fortune. People will wear red underwear as well to bring good luck, especially at the gambling table. While black represents death,

Singlish Words That Are More Like Sounds

Singlish sounds

Although more Singlish words have made their way into the English dictionary (read BBC article here), there are still many that haven't. Here are more common words (or sounds) which you might overhear while out and about in Singapore. 1. Gai gai This is used on kids tell them (or lure them)

Things That You Hear During Chinese New Year

As Chinese New Year approaches, some people feel like it is a the start of a repeated cycle - the food (the weight gain), the ang pows (red packets) the people, the conversations, the words. Amidst the festivity, here's unveiling the softer side of CNY visiting. 1. Standard questions One thing that’s

The Most Used Adjective in Singapore: Nice

The most used word in Singapore to describe food, weather, people, places and any thing else positively is…… drumroll, the word “nice”. Yup, we know how incredibly all-encompassing and versatile this word is. Singaporeans use 'nice' in almost every context. He’s a nice guy. The movie was quite nice. These people are really nice. Nice

Celebrating Christmas in Singapore @ Elyn’s

@ Elyn's house in Singapore Merry Christmas to one and all! We are so blessed to have close family and friends every year to celebrate the season with! The Christmas must-haves ham and turkey were home-made this year - it's awesome to have food-talented friends! :) Elyn clearly spent most of

Enjoying Indian Food… and Fish Eyes (Banana Leaf Apolo)

@ The Banana Leaf Apolo: 54 Race Course Road, Singapore 218564. Alight at Little India MRT station, and walk along Race Course Road. Well are we fortunate to get Indian food here! Whoo~! Sometimes we crave some spiciness and flavour, and what better way to satisfy it than having a whole range

Remembering Mr Lee Kwan Yew

Where would Singapore be without you Mr Lee Kwan Yew? The Soak in Singapore team would like to express our sincere gratitude, appreciation and respect to you for building us a home Singapore. May your spirit of tenacity and excellence live on in us. Please visit   [showmyads]