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Chinese Traditional Lion Dance

Since we lived near this shopping centre, we had the good fortune to be able to experience live lion dance performances over Chinese New Year here performed by different troupes. The performances were really awesome because the lions had to do tricks and stunts on poles two metres off the

Chinese New Year: Reunion dinner | Reunion lunch

Reunion dinner is a major and important affair for a Chinese family. It is a time where family members gather and well, reunite, over a good meal. More often than not, those living overseas return to Singapore in time for reunion dinner (or lunch) and stay on to celebrate Chinese

Things People Do During Chinese New Year Visiting

Chinese New Year is around the corner once again! If you get invited to a friend's house for a CNY gathering, here's what you can expect! 1. Having a steamboat dinner Singaporeans love steamboat. It's probably one of the easiest kind of meals to prepare for a group of people without messing

Chinese New Year: Lo Hei | Yu Sheng | Yum Seng

  YU SHENG | LO HEI Yu Sheng is a colourful dish comprising of raw fish (Yu Sheng 鱼生) (salmon more often than not), grated carrots, radish, red pepper, jellyfish, sesame seeds, crushed peanuts, pomelo, dried orange peel, crackers and a handful of condiments including five spice powder, plum sauce and vinegar.   The

Chinese New Year at Chinatown in Singapore!

@Chinatown, Singapore Chinatown is a must-visit when you are in Singapore during the CNY period. Some of the roads will be closed and makeshift stalls are set up to create a night market for vendors to sell CNY wares such as snacks and decorative items. The roads in the area are

Chinese New Year Visiting Dos and Don’ts

Red is IN, black is OUT Bright and cheery colours are welcome for the festive season, especially the colour red. As the story goes, there was a creature named Nian which went around terrorising the people.  However, the people discovered that Nian was afraid of the colour red and ran away

The Chinese New Year Snack Guide

Most of these snacks appear once a year during Chinese New Year (CNY) so who cares if three pineapple tarts is equal to eating one bowl of rice? If you go CNY visiting, all these snacks will be laid out like a buffet. You will find these snacks being sold

Deepavali (Diwali) at Little India Singapore

@Little India Singapore (nearest MRT: Little India station) Deepavali is a major celebration for the Hindu community and it normally falls within October or November. This year it falls on 22nd October according to the Hindu calendar. We had always thought that Deepavali was like a New Year celebration for Indians. Lol~

Getting Used to Life in Singapore!

If you are thinking about living in Singapore, these are some things you can expect (or prepare yourself for) and get used to! 1. Eating when you are not hungry People here are passionate about food. Eating is a passion. It is true that eating is THE past time here and people

Studying in Singapore – Education

If you're planning to settle in Singapore with your family, here's an overview of how the education in system works here. Preschool Preschool education is commonplace and parents send their children for pre-nursery/playschool (at age 3), nursery (at age 4) and kindergarten (5-6 years old). School fees pretty much depend on how

5 Tips to Eat at Coffeeshops Like a Local

To say that you have been to Singapore, you really need to have at least one meal in a coffeeshop (aka Kopitiam). Overseas, a coffeeshop might mean a place to chill out and to have a cappuccino at. Well in Singapore, locals have their meals at coffeeshops and the ambiance

National Day Parade 2013 (NDP)

@ Marina Bay Floating Platform Thank God for NDP tickets at the last minute! It was good fun joining 27,000 Singaporeans at the Marina Bay Floating Platform on 9 August to watch the National Day Parade. Happy 48th birthday Singapore!

Hari Raya in Singapore – Geylang Serai

@ Geylang Serai in Singapore How to get there: Take the MRT and alight at Paya Lebar station on the green line. When you get out of the train station you will see an outdoor market. It's hard to get lost - follow the row of stalls, crowds or the brightly

Housing in Singapore

Public Housing 80% of the people live in public housing, or what is known in Singapore as HDB flats. HDB stands for Housing Development Board, which manages public housing. In 1960, HDB was established along with the newly elected government then to address the serious housing shortage. Because of the limited land