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Time for Singlish: Jialat! (Jiat lat)

  Singlish word: Jialat/ Jiat lat (Hokkien dialect) Literally means to sap energy. "Jiat lat" is usually used when one is in trouble or difficulty. Aka: This is serious. / This is terrible. / Oh no! Examples: Jiat lat, my mum just found out I failed the exam. He still doesn't understand after explaining it so

Singlish101: You win already lah, walao don’t paiseh leh…

1. Singlish word: Walao / Wa lan / Wa liao. From the Hokkien dialect. To express frustration, irritation, shock or surprise depending on the context and tone. Aka: What?! / What the.... / Oh my goodness. / Oh man... / I don't believe this. / Unbelievable... Examples: Walao eh, how could he just cut

Singlish phrase: Catch no ball

@ Universal Studios Singapore Singlish phrase: Catch no ball. Derived from the Hokkien dialect. To express that you do not understand, get, or "catch" what the other person is telling you. Aka: I don't understand. / I don't get what you're saying. Note: People in Singapore do not say "catch ball already" to indicate the

Singlish101: How to use ‘lah’?

Singlish word: Lah. Derived from the Mandarin word 啦 (la) Used at the end of a response expressing your opinion, or when saying something as a matter-of-factly, in persuasion, sheepishly, or in irritation. We bet you've heard the singlish word 'lah' if you have at least interacted with a local (is it even