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CNY goodies at Chinatown in Singapore


Chinese New Year goodies

Food is an even bigger thing in Singapore during CNY. When you visit a Chinese home for CNY, you will more often than not see the entire coffee table laden with snacks.

Chinese New Year pineapple tarts!
Chinese New Year pineapple tarts!

Pineapple tart

A soft and crumbly pastry topped with sweetened pineapple. There is another version where the pineapple filling is fully covered in the pastry.

The reason for eating pineapple is because in Hokkien (Ong lai / 黄梨), it is a homophone for the phrase that carries the meaning of good luck coming your way (旺来).


This is also why you see many Chinese decorative items in the shape of a pineapple.

Crispy prawn rolls
Deep fried rolls with dried shrimp and meat floss filling.
Love Letters
Sweet and extra thin pastry made rolled up (or folded) with auspicious prints.Peanut triangles aka Kok Zhai (in Cantonese)Baked with crushed peanut and sugar filling.

Bak kwa (barbecued meat slices): Normally the meat is pork, but the chicken version can be found as well. During CNY period, you can expect to queue for hours to get your hands on some. During non-festive periods, Bak Kwa can be found sold in many places. The more common brands you would find are Bee Cheng HiangLim Chee Guan and Fragrance.

*Bak Kwa is an excellent souvenir choice if your country of destination permits meats to be brought in. You will find stores selling Bak Kwa at Changi Airport as well.

Kueh bangkit: Sweet flour biscuits with a crumbly texture that melts in your mouth.

Nian Gao: Made of glutinous rice. In Singapore, it is normally sliced, dipped together in a batter with a slice of sweet potato, and later deep fried.


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