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Chinese New Year: Reunion dinner | Reunion lunch

Reunion dinner is a major and important affair for a Chinese family. It is a time where family members gather and well, reunite, over a good meal. More often than not, those living overseas return to Singapore in time for reunion dinner (or lunch) and stay on to celebrate Chinese New Year. Depending on the family, some reunions meals are held together with the extended family, while others just eat together with their immediate family members.

Reunion dinner is held on the eve of the Lunar New Year. Some families have it earlier to accommodate each others’ schedules.

The spread is wide, portion generous and feast sometimes lavish, including expensive items such as abalone and birds’ nest. Common food ingredients used during are dried mushrooms, scallops, fish maw, prawns and pork belly.

The reunion meal mostly home-cooked, although people nowadays prefer to eat out to save the hassle of the cooking and cleaning up. Many families also choose to have steamboat as it is more convenient to prepare.

*Lo Hei or tossing of the Yu Sheng is a major part of Chinese New Year in Singapore. Watch us toss!

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