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Coney Island Escape

Coney Island on mapSingapore’s urbanised, but there are pockets of nature to discover. Coney Island is located at the north-eastern tip of Singapore, just about 100 metres off the main island. There are 2 entrances to the island – West and East, 2.4 kilometres apart.

From the West entrance, you would have to head in from Punggol Settlement, which is at the end of Punggol Road. There, you would find yourself standing at the edge of Singapore, with Malaysia in the distance across the water body. If you plan to travel on wheels, there’s a bicycle rental shop (Jomando Adventure and Recreation #01-13) at Punggol Settlement. From there, follow the cycling path (in green below) and you will find the huge gate which says “Coney Island” in about 500 metres.

Coney Island map

(Maps from Google)

From the East entrance,  you would need to enter from Tebing Lane (where there are food establishments like Popeye’s, Whisk & Paddle and Uncle Leong Seafood) and follow the cycling path (in purple on the map). Turn right when you see a beautiful reddish-brown bridge (Halus Bridge) about 400 metres onward and cross it. Once you get onto the other side, turn left and tread upon the dirt path all the way straight, and you would see a huge gate as well which says “Coney Island” on your left.

Halus Bridge
Halus Bridge

Beyond the first signage you see at the entrance which tells you the opening hours of the island (7am to 7pm), the next sign you will see when you step onto Coney Island tells you not to feed the monkeys. As some of us might have experience in our course of zoo/park visiting, monkeys are highly capable of disengaging your bag from you to rummage for food. Avoid bringing bags to keep monkeys away.

The main dirt path which takes you from one end of the island to the other is an open path. (I visited Coney Island with my brother-in-law and he commented that it reminded him of his army stint. Lol.) You can choose to venture into the small inroads which lead you to bird watching spots and small beach areas. These inroads are also more uneven than the main path – if you are cycling it might be more fun to take these bumpier paths.

There is a good diversity of birds and fauna on the island. If you are into nature photography, going early in the morning to catch a picturesque shot of the sunrise might be worth it (pray for clear skies!). You might spot a couple or 2 doing a wedding shoot on Coney Island because of the nature setting.

With a bike, you might want to consider riding a little longer. Beyond the East entrance, you can try following the route in red on the map above that takes you around Punggol Waterway, and then back to Punggol Settlement where you can return your bikes.

Just remember to get off of Coney Island by 7pm!

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