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Dim Sum Bites at Canton Paradise

The one dish that hits me (every time) I visit Canton Paradise, it would be the salted egg yolk fish skin topped with roe! *Drool!* Very crispy on the inside, coated with a light layer of salted egg yolk with bursting bits of fish roe – your mouth and tastebuds celebrate the all encompassing experience!

Apart from the traditional dim sum baskets of siew mai (steamed pork and shrimp dumplings with a distinct yellow skin wrapped on the outside) and har kao (steamed shrimp dumplings), what sets this cantonese eatery apart are the twists and variations done on some of its dishes. The XO fried carrot cake is a must-order for me – large cubes of soft yet chewy radish pan fried with egg, beansprouts and a host of condiments – something different from the traditional one-piece carrot cake in dim sum joints. A variation of the chee cheong fun (steamed rice rolls) is the one served with preserved turnip, which I usually pick over the usual shrimp and char siew (barbecued pork) filling.

Chinese roasts are also the pride of the Cantonese. Other than the usual meats (the roast pork belly and roast duck’s great!), Canton Paradise also offers barbecued pork belly drizzled with honey sauce (don’t mistaken char siew for this dish when you order – which happened to us lol~). The charred meat and layer of fat gives it a juicier bite than char siew, which uses leaner meat.

Elyn’s a fan on the char siew bo lo bun (baked buns with a crispy outer layer with pork filling) because she likes the meat filling which is sweeter.

Homely soups and hearty stir fried dishes are also earmarks of the Cantonese cuisine. Canton Paradise is a good bet for a satisfying meal.

Another dim sum joint to visit for a classic experience would be Red Star Restaurant (click to watch our visit) for sim sum rolled about on trolleys, and some dim sum trolley chasing to hunt for the ones carrying your favourites!

Believes that cai tow kway (a local delight literally known as "carrot cake" - an out-of-this-world dish made of radish, turnip and eggs), won ton mee (noodles in some addictive sauce with mini dumplings), teh beng (iced milk tea), and yes, cold-pressed juices from Juix Up, turns any day into a brighter one. Instagram: @globetrotj

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