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Dim Sum on Trolleys in Singapore (Red Star Restaurant)

@ Red Star Restaurant – #07-23, 54 Chin Swee Road, Singapore 160054
Contact: +65-65325266
Opening hours: 7am-3pm, 6pm-10.30pm (daily)
Note! Red Star doesn’t serve Dim Sum for dinner
How to get there: Take the MRT to Chinatown station and then take a taxi, or walk about 350 metres. Click here for map.

This must be one of the older restaurants in Singapore given the layout and furniture. While dim sum restaurants like these are a way of life in Hong Kong, there are just maybe 2 or 3 left in Singapore like Red Star. Dim sum is still being served on trolleys pushed by ladies shouting out what they have to serve in Cantonese (some in Mandarin). Some might find it noisy, but we love how the chatter of the diners add to the atmosphere so it’s just like an authentic Hong Kong eatery.

Food wise, other than the standard siew mai (pork dumplings) and har gao (prawn dumplings), what is unique about Red Star is that it serves good Yong Tau Foo and Paper Wrapped Chicken, which are not really dim sum items, but hey, they’re delicious!

For those who are not too familiar with dim sum, here are the more common have-to-order-when-you-eat-dim-sum items:


And it’s great to enjoy dim sum with a group of friends because each dim sum ordered comes in a basket with 3 to 4 pieces. The more people you dine with, the more variety you can order! 😀 But if you are in a group of 5, you’d probably have to share, or order another basket of the same item. Lol. Well that’s just how dim sum works. Order Chinese tea is a must because it complements the food, and aids digestion!

Be sure to factor in about 30 minutes to stand in line for your turn to yum cha (to have tea and dim sum, literally it means to drink tea in Cantonese) at Red Star!

There are other pretty good dim sum places to dine at too, albeit no trolleys! Click on the links for restaurant information.
1. Canton Paradise (click to watch our visit to Canton Paradise)

2. Victor’s Kitchen

3. Tung Lok Teahouse

4. Tim Ho Wan

5. Crystal Jade

6. Yum Cha

7. Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant

8. Man Fu Yuan 

If you want something for casual and quick, some food courts have a dim sum stall too so you can try those. Each basket of dim sum priced from $3 to $6 on average, depending where you dine at.

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