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East Coast Park Cycling to Marina Bay

@ East Coast Park > Tanjong Rhu Promenade, Marina Bay Sands > Merlion Park > Esplanade

Cycling! The last time we cycled was probably… when we were much younger. We had a good 2-hour+ session from the bicycle rental shop where we rented our bikes from. We cycled from point A on the map and took the route in red.

East Coast Park cyclng

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This took us from East Coast Park to the Tanjong Rhu Promenade where we later saw the National Stadium across the river. We then cycled along the Gardens by the Bay (East) path where the view of the city was splendid with the sunset. At the end of the path you would see Marina Barrage. Cycle across the barrage and head up to the rooftop for a short break. The view is uninterrupted to shutterbugs hang around here to get a photo of the landscape. People also go there for kite flying or a picnic. 🙂

Next, follow the path and cycle along the bay area. You will pass by the hawker area Satay by the Bay – if you are there at about 6pm in the evening and detect a smell of barbecue, you’re on the right track. Cycle past the towering glass panels which make up the structure of Gardens by the Bay. Head straight and you would come to Marina Bay Sands (MBS). Just as you pass under the highway bridge, get your bikes up a couple of steps and cut across MBS. You would see a wooden pathway. Follow the perimeters of Marina Bay Sands and make a right turn when you reach the end to circle round the water body. Keep going and you will reach Merlion Park followed by the Esplanade, which is large thorn-like building – can’t miss it! Keep cycling along the bay and you will come to the Helix bridge, which literally looks like DNA magnified. Get across the bridge and you would find yourself back at Marina Bay Sands. Take the same route back to East Coast Park!

If you are unfamiliar with the area, you can try cycling on weekends. Following other cyclists and joggers would keep you on the right track.

There are a couple of bicycle renting shops along East Coast Park. Usually you will be given an additional hour free with an hour of rental. The subsequent hour would be charged at a lower rate. The rates range from $8 to $12 an hour. They have bicycles for adults and children. If you return the bicycle later than the scheduled time, you will have to pay the additional charges accordingly – yes, even if you get back later because of the rain.You would need to bring some form of identity document to rent bicycles as well, such as your driver’s license. For a leisurely pedal down the beach, you can try the tandem bike for 2 or the 4 seater sheltered bike! 🙂

You would find a number of eateries along East Coast Park so food’s not a problem especially if you have kids in tow. As the park stretches a distance, just take note to head to the right areas in the park. If not, you would need walk a long distance to ‘civilisation’ areas. Some good landmarks to tell the cab driver would be MacDonald’s or Burger King at East Coast Park.

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