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Enjoying Indian Food… and Fish Eyes (Banana Leaf Apolo)

@ The Banana Leaf Apolo: 54 Race Course Road, Singapore 218564. Alight at Little India MRT station, and walk along Race Course Road.

Well are we fortunate to get Indian food here! Whoo~! Sometimes we crave some spiciness and flavour, and what better way to satisfy it than having a whole range of curries in different orangey-brown shades to choose from!

The main was fragrant briyani rice served on a banana leaf. Briyani is long-grain basmati rice cooked using a whole lot of condiments and spices, such as nutmeg, bay leaves, pepper, cinnamon, ginger, bay leaves, garlic and onion. To go with it, we ordered fish head curry (which was awesome!), masala chicken, fish roe chicken and mutton. We loved the crispy papadum too!

Elvin had the full Indian food experience since he used his hands to eat. You can tell he is quite a pro judging from the way he gathered the food in his fingers and putting it into his mouth. Cutlery-people normally manage to gather just a small amount of food in hand, and when the food is about to enter the mouth, half of it falls back onto the plate. This also means you take ages to finish your food. 😛

Moving on to FISH EYES! Of course, it came together with the fish head curry (duh). Some people might wonder, what’s on earth is there to eat by order the fish head?! There is in fact, a lot of fish meat to dig at, not forgetting the best parts like the cheek and the eye(balls). O.O The flesh at the cheek in fact has the smoothest texture. So normally at a dinner setting, people ask who would like to have the fish eyes. Because there are only two, and most people enjoy them, it is only polite to ask if who would like to have one. People here believe that whichever part of the animal that you eat would enhance or build the similar part of your body. So eating the eyes would give you healthier eyes. Some say that fish eyes also help brain functions. Whatever it is, try it/them! 😀

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