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First Step to Your Formula1 Dream – Go Kart at $2 Million Track (KF1)

@ KF1 Karting Circuit: 1 Turf Club Ave, Singapore 738078 (closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)
Nearest MRT station: Kranji
The unique thing about this karting circuit is that is lies just metres above the train track. Passengers on the train can catch a glimpse of the karting action while the MRT travels above it. It was actually pretty amazing to see the karts moving faster train. Lol~ The facility costs $2m to build and was designed by Herman Tilke, who is also the man behind many F1 tracks. Karting enthusiasts can rent Viper or Birel karts and ply the circuit for $22-$45 per session depending on what time of the day and if you kart on a weekday or weekend. Youths under the age of 21 get to kart at better prices.  Signing up for membership can also get you lower rates. There are occasional races too and the public can view as spectators for free! Hands up for free stuff! 🙂
For rates and more details, visit!
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