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Getting Around in Singapore On Bike Sharing (oBike)!

@ Punggol Waterway

So when all these yellow bikes (oBike, OFO) starting appearing everywhere and then orange ones (Mobike) as well, we decided we had to get our butts on them! Bike sharing has burst into the local scene and from what we’d heard – $0.50 for a 15 minute ride, it’s cheaper than a MacDonalds soft serve!

With our not-so-super Gen Y and Z level of tech savviness, we started using the conventional way to look for the bikes on foot. Rae and I set off from Punggol Waterway mall and headed in the direction of the park, eyes wide open for any bright metallic yellow two-wheelers. After five minutes with no parked bikes in sight, we were praying that we wouldn’t have to walk another 30 minutes to find the bikes. After another five minutes, our lightning fast minds actually realised that logically, the bike sharing companies’ apps should have tracking features to locate bikes (duh~). So we downloaded the oBike app and placed a deposit of $49. After spotting some available bikes in the vicinity we headed towards SAFRA Waterway where we spotted some bikes! We scanned the small QR codes on the bikes, which released the bike locks below the seats. 

The oBike was kind of heavy so we actually felt tired after a short ride (or maybe we are just so unfit lol~), but we thought it was great that it had a basket for us to put stuff in. The park was pretty crowded and easily 20% of the cyclists were on an oBike, OFO or Mobike. You’ve got to remember to stop the timer on the app when you are done with cycling and flip the lock switch below the bike seat back so it locks with a click sound – if not the app would continue to charge you for rent.

Some time later I tried bike sharing again when I was at the Marina Bay area but believe it or not, all 6 of the oBike and Mobike parked bicycles couldn’t be used because they were defective – missing bike seat, missing pedal……. you name it. It might be a good idea to not rely 100% on bike sharing if you need to an important meeting on time! What I like about the idea of bike sharing is not having the pressure of having to cycle all the way back to the traditional bicycle rental shops before the rent time’s up. 🙂

Yes and say hi to Raebekah! A rare find in a youth – lively, driven, passionate, and o so musically talented! Glad to have you Rae as part of the team!

Always thinking about what's next, spends a fortune on teh. Instagram: @globetrotj

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