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Great Prices to Shop at Bugis Street!

Bugis Street is the largest street market in Singapore! There are hundreds of stores selling mainly clothes and accessories. The best way to get there is to take the MRT and alight at Bugis MRT station. Take Exit C and follow the crowd you see crossing the road at a traffic light with a huge “Bugis Street” sign across the road. 🙂 Other than Bugis Street, there is also Bugis Junction and Bugis+ shopping malls just next to it. And on the other side of Bugis Junction, is Liang Seah Street where you can find a row of eateries, mostly offering steamboat and local desserts. If you venture a little further, you can head in the direction towards Haji Lane and beyond to the Malay Heritage Centre where you can understand more about the Malay culture. In this area, you will find rows of conserved shophouses with restaurants and eateries, textile traders, clothing stores and more. There are also cafes and pubs alike to chill out at.

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Yes and a very Singaporean trait to spot is when you hear people exclaim “So cheap!”, “It’s only $XX!”, “Wow this is a very good price!” We once heard a Singaporean tell us, if you hear some chirping that do not seem to be coming from birds, it’s likely a group of Singaporeans exclaiming “Cheap cheap cheap!” (Cheep, cheep cheep!) Well, we can identify with that. Lol~!



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