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Hawker food: Yong Tau Foo

Yong tau foo is a common food stall in hawker centres and food courts in Singapore. It basically comprises a range of food items, mostly variations of beancurd or tofu, stuffed with fish paste. Other items in the Yong tau foo selection include fish balls, cuttlefish, cabbage and other vegetable choices, eggplant, hotdog, quail eggs and mushroom.

Yong tau fu, or stuffed beancurd ( ‘Yong’ means ‘stuffed’ in Hakka and ‘tau fu’ means tofu or beancurd), originated from the Hakkas (a Chinese dialect group).

How to order:

1. Pick up a bowl and pair of thongs.

2. Select the items you want (normally a fixed price for 6 or 7 pieces with rice or noodles)

3. Hand your bowl over to the stall holder and let them know if you want it ‘dry’ or in a soup. For the dry version, a sweet sauce is drizzled over your food.

4. Also tell the stall holder your choice of staple – rice or noodles. Normally the range of noodles available includes bee hoon (vermicelli) thick bee hoon, yellow noodles, kway tiao (flat white noodles)

5. Help yourself to the sauces available at the counter while you wait for your food.

You can get 6-7 pieces of yong tau foo with noodles or rice for about $3.50 to $5 on average.

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