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How can anyone not try Laksa in Singapore?

328 Katong Laksa (East Coast Road)

LAKSA! As one of the definitive foods of Singapore, Laksa is a must-have when you visit Singapore. Laksa is thick white vermicelli noodles cooked in a shrimp based coconut gravy. The orangey gravy is so tasty that many locals just drink it like it’s a soup. It often comes with prawns, fishcake, egg and cockles. Singaporeans love to request for extra cockles or you might notice it being known as ”hum” (as it is known in the Hokkien dialect) as you hear others in the queue order. If you are turned off by the fishy odour of cockles, you can request for your laksa to come without cockles (so they will be ‘hum-less’/harmless to you – okay.. that was lame.)

Laksa can be found in most coffeshops, hawker centres and food courts. It typically costs between $3 to $5 a bowl, and at some hotels and restaurants, $15 to $20 maybe. For our friends who don’t get along too well with chopsticks, you would be glad to know that at some stalls, Laksa is served with the noodles cut to short strands so you can eat it with just a spoon, just as it’s originally meant to.

We have a friend from Hong Kong who just has to get her laksa fix whenever she visits Singapore. If you live abroad and will miss the taste of laksa, you can pick up some instant noodle laksa in packs of 5 from the supermarkets here now. A brand that we’ve tried is Prima Taste. It’s amazing how the laksa flavour is pretty authentic even though it’s instant food!

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