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Perfect Breakfast – Kaya Butter Toast & Half-boiled Eggs

@ Chin Mee Chin Confectionery (204 East Coast Road)
How to get here: Take bus numbers 10, 12, 14, 32, 40.

Chuck the hotel breakfast and have breakfast at a coffeeshop. Enjoy the sweet flavours of kaya (bread spread made of coconut milk, eggs and sugar) fused perfectly with the saltiness of a chunk of butter between two slices of toast. Whoo~! Not forgetting slurping down two half-boiled eggs.. 🙂 heh~ This breakfast experience will cost you just between $3 to $6 max! No Singaporean will say no to this for breakfast, or during teabreak.

Plus! You have to try drinking coffee or tea here because the beans and leaves are different from regular Western cafes like Starbucks. If you order “coffee” or “tea” in local eateries in Singapore, they are served with condensed milk by default – you don’t add your own milk or sugar. You can vary your order, such as ordering black coffee, or tea without milk, or less sweetness in your beverage. Click here to learn the local way of ordering!

Other places to eat this: Chin Mee Chin has been serving breakfast for more than 80 years (closed on Mondays) even the shop itself gives a nostalgic feel. Other great alternatives are Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Toastbox or Wang Cafe. These can be found at most shopping malls so you don’t have to travel all the way down to Chin Mee Chin. You can also order kaya-butter toast from any coffeeshop or food court (order from the drink stall). However, the type of bread makes a huge difference to your breakfast enjoyment. Most regular coffeeshops use the normal bread loaf you find from supermarkets. Well, that’s not as nice. Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Toastbox or Wang Cafe are very safe bets!

Tip: Buy a bottle of Kaya spread back as a souvenir!

*In this video, Joseph cracks the egg and some gets onto Elyn’s hair. Elyn then gets her hair washed at a local hair salon for just $12, shoulder massage thrown in! Watch here!

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