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We love $1 Street Ice-cream in Singapore!

Okay, so you could get this street ice-cream $1 two years ago. Although it’s $1.20-$1.50 now, it’s still known as ‘the $1 ice-cream’. You got to have this if you’re in Singapore. There are definitely at least 2 stalls along Orchard Road and 1 at the river bridge in Clarke Quay, or you can find them scattered across housing estates across Singapore at random hours. You cannot miss these ice-cream carts because they are mostly red and have a huge umbrella over it.

You can choose for your ice-cream to sit in a cone, between 2 waffle biscuits, in a slice of bread (great to fill a hunger void) or in just a cup.

For the ice-cream part, you can choose the scooped ice-cream or the ice-cream blocks. The scooped ice-cream is stored in the huge deep round tin on the cart. There are normally at least 3 of these flavours for the scooped ice cream – yam, corn, chocolate and atapchee (a sweet nut). By default, the ice-cream uncle or auntie will give you all the flavours unless you tell them which one(s) you don’t want. Somehow the taste of the scooped ice-cream gives you a very homely feel – that’s why we love it!

The block ice-cream is store in the squarish section of the cart. There are many more flavours to choose from – chcoloate, chocolate chip, raspberry swirl, vanilla, peppermint or durian, yam, corn for more traditional flavours. The ice-cream uncle will slice about a fifth of the block for you.

Something interesting as well is that these ice-cream carts are attached to motorcycles so the ice-cream sellers normally ride home after closing for the day. Who needs a gourmet $5-a-scoop ice-cream when this is just as good? 😀


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