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Review: The NEW MacDonalds Nasi Lemak Burger and more, Shiok or not?

In collaboration with Singapore Food Festival & in conjunction for our Nation’s 52th birthday, McDonald’s Singapore turns some of our local favourites into a limited time menu, with a twist of course! Today we cheong (Means: headed with speed) to McDonald’s for lunch at the day of its launch. So without further ado, let’s check out this exclusive menu!


Nasi Lemak Burger


The Nasi Lemak Burger (S$5.96 ala carte, S$7.80 for EVM, $9 for Bundle Set), which consists of a crispy chicken thigh patty, fried egg, caramelised onions and cucumber slices topped with sambal sauce and served between semolina buns. As much as I would have imagined my perfect Nasi Lemak Burger to be sandwiched in between 2 ‘Lemak’ ( Means : Aromatic coconut creamy flavour) rice patties, I guess the toasted semolina buns was good enough for fast food standard. The chicken patty marinated with spices and coconut milk then coated with batter with cornflake bits for that extra crunch – pretty legit & yummers as long as you don’t have over the top expectations! The sweetish sambal sauce was the binding element that made the burger ‘Nasi Lemak’. Sambal spicy level is mild and very friendly, definitely manageable for those who don’t take spicy food.

Verdict: Sedap (Means: Delicious), No ‘Nasi’ (Means: Rice) but got the Nasi Lemak feel la!


Coconut Pie

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This pie (S$1.20) is a little different from the usual apple and recent banana pie. Instead of chunks of fruits in the pie, you get bits of nata de coco! The good thing is its light and not overly sweet. However the stark white fillings reminded me of sticky glue (sorry!!) which was funky looking and the taste was hmmm forgettable.

Verdict:  Don’t bother!


Bandung McFizz


Not expecting to like this cos I am not a fan of sweet stuff but we all did. The fizz in the drink cut down the level of sweetness of our usual bandung and somehow became more palatable & less ‘jelak’ (Means: feeling of a food item being too rich, to the point that one feels repulsed by it). But I know there may be some of you would prefer a stronger bandung taste.

Verdict: Not bad!




Cendol McFlurry

What’s in it?  Almost everything you imagine a cendol will be ; there’s green jelly, red bean (or issit toasted coconut?) and gula melaka! I think this will be most acceptable item in the entire menu especially those with sweet tooth. Pity it melts really quickly and towards the end we felt we were having milk shake instead! (Hence we did not have time to take a photo!)

Verdict: Quite Shiok (Means: Exclamation for expression for approval)



Criss-cut fries makes a return in this special menu as an upsize option for regular Extra Value Meal (+S$1.40)

Verdict: Very Naisseeeee, better than potato minion x 10000!




Might be blur at times. Just not in the area of good eats! Instagram: @crappysotong

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