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Nasi Padang on a Hot Day

@ Warong Nasi Pariaman: 736 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198704

It was our usual Sunday lunch gathering and our friend Jeremy recommended us having Nasi (rice) Padang! Nasi Padang hails from West Sumatra (where the city is known as Padang) in Indonesia. A host of curry and chilli based dishes are displayed behind a glass display and choose which you would like to have to go with steamed rice. Some key padang dishes include beef rendang and gulai nangka (curry jackfruit).

The food is served on small dishes and good for sharing. If you have a bigger crowd, just ask for a double or triple serving.

Warong Nasi Pariaman being an old and renowned eatery, we paid about $10 per person for our meal.

Nasi Campur (campur means to mix in Malay) is also similar to Nasi Padang, where you get to choose from at least 10 to 15 Malay style meat and vegetable dishes. These stalls can be found island wide in Singapore in coffee shops and hawker centres as it’s a staple for lunch or dinner. People usually pick 3 dishes to go with a plate of steamed rice. The portion is good for 1 person. A filling Nasi Campur lunch should set you back at about $4 or probably up to $7 or $8 if you pick more meat/fish dishes.

Who’s up for some curry and spice?

  1. Warung M. Nasir
    69 Killiney Road, Singapore 239526
  2. The Rice Table (restaurant)
    360 Orchard Rd, #02-09/10
    International Building
    Singapore 238869
  3. Hajjah Mona Nasi Padang
    1 Geylang Serai
    #02-166 Pasar Geylang Serai
    Singapore 402001
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