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Hair shampooed and scrubbed, head massaged at a local hair salon

It’s just $12 to get your hair well shampooed and scrubbed, and your head and shoulder massaged at a local hair salon in a housing estate! What a deal!

Many Singaporean ladies have visited the same hair salon at the neighbourhood where they live for the longest time that they have become acquaintances with the hairdressers there. Normally you will find about 2 to 3 hair salons within a housing estate. Hair services for men are available too, although you might be able to find a barber in the estate as well.

It is common to hear some chatter (gossip) while you’re in a hair salon and the atmosphere is normally light and lively. Many of the salons are owned by the friendly hairdresser(s) herself and they have years of experience with hair. You get the same range of services you find at a hair salon in a shopping mall at a much lower price too! Peak hours are on weekends in the mornings, when ladies head to the wet market or hawker centre within the estate for groceries and breakfast, and to get their hair done.

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