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Photo-Taking Fun at the Trick Eye Museum Singapore (Sentosa island)

Jess: So, it was my birthday and I made a request to my BFFs to visit the Trick Eye Museum. After seeing too many Facebook posts of friends visiting the museum, I decided I just had to go experience it for myself. I mean, who doesn’t like to look like they’re levitating or part of a painting right? And my BFFs being BFFs on their BFFs birthday had no choice but to take me there.

Tip! We happened to be checking out the website ( before we went and found that we could get the tickets online at 10% off! Yay!

So after having a DIY pancake lunch at Slappy Cakes near the Trick Eye Museum, we were ready to pose for pictures at the museum. The moment we stepped into the museum, we found ourselves in a room with about ten exhibits for you to pose and take photos with. I must admit it was pretty awkward at first because we saw groups of people standing in weird positions with warped expressions trying to blend into the backdrop. The thought of me looking weird like them made me wonder if I made a wrong birthday choice. Lol~ But well, we got started anyway. Boy, I really didn’t expect the major photo-taking session in there.


Some of the exhibits were so creative that our lightning fast minds had to spend a couple of minutes trying to figure out what it was all about. Later on, we realised there were photos stuck on the wall next to each exhibit giving you ideas on how to pose. Lol~ The angle from which we took the photos was also important to get the full trick-eye effect. Take note of the stickers on the floor to know where to stand to take the photos from.

We completed 6 sections/rooms in more than 2 hours because we took on average 10 photos per exhibit. There were so many retakes because we were trying to get that perfect position and pose, shaky hands, and because of course, we’re girls.


It’s great to go with your family or friends because it makes the experience so much more fun and frankly, it’s impossible to take selfies with your limited arm length and try to fit yourself and the entire exhibit in the photo. You can actually rent a selfie stick from the museum (but still it might be too short!). If you will be going alone, bring a tripod or we think the best way is to make a friend there and get them to help you take a photo!

Make sure you have enough memory space in your phone and for ladies, you might want to wear shorts or jeans so you can be free to pose!

How to get there: The Trick Eye Museum is on Sentosa island. Click here to find out how to get to Sentosa.

Tickets: $25 for adults, $20 for kids (4-12 years old) and seniors (60 and above)
Opening hours: 10am-9pm daily

There’s another museum you can try for some photo fun too – Alive Museum at Suntec City (Promenade MRT station).



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