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Our Childhood Chicken Rice Stall

Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice. 865 Mountbatten Road, #B1-85/87, Katong Shopping Centre, Singapore 437844.

What an apt name for the stall. Although I used patronise this chicken rice stall at least once a week in my secondary school days, I’ve never actually knew the name of it! Lol. What I love about this stall is the rich and dense lotus root pork bone soup, which reminds me of the Cantonese broths my grandma prepared in my years growing up. The alternate cabbage soup also has a homely feel to it, compared to the soups served at other chicken rice stalls, which usually tastes pretty much of water and some salt. Soup’s on the house too!

O yes, back to the main – chicken. Just looking at the plump chickens roasted or steamed hanging behind the glass display is enough to whet my appetite and I would gladly stand in line to place my order. The chicken is chopped in pieces, drizzled in sauce (salty but yummy!), and topped with chives and fried garlic bits.

The colour of the rice is pale yellow in colour and if you’ve had enough chicken rice to last a year, you could tell the rice tastes just a tad less flavourful than those served at most stalls, well but the chicken more than makes up for it.

I’m not a fan of ah char (a composition of pineapple, cucumber, carrot onions, red chilli, some condiments like sugar, doused in vinegar), but those who are love the version that is served here, and even more so because this side dish is free of charge!

If you are having a meal with friends, you can choose to order half a chicken, or a whole chicken, and have it come in a mix of roasted and steamed meat. It may be just chicken and rice, but so much hard work and skill go into perfecting each half.

While my friends consumed saucer after saucer of chilli sauce and ginger paste to go with the meal, I wouldn’t do without black sauce to go with chicken rice! What’s your must-have chicken rice condiment?

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