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East Coast Park Cycling to Marina Bay

@ East Coast Park > Tanjong Rhu Promenade, Marina Bay Sands > Merlion Park > Esplanade Cycling! The last time we cycled was probably... when we were much younger. We had a good 2-hour+ session from the bicycle rental shop where we rented our bikes from. We cycled from point A

Fish Head Steamboat on a Cool Evening

@ Tampines Round Market - 137A Tampines Street 11, Singapore 522137 Hai Chang Fish Head Steamboat (opening hours: 5-9pm, closed on Mondays) It had rained half the day earlier. When that happens, usually a nice comforting bowl of porridge or soup would come to mind. We decided to pop over at Hai

Singlish: Suay (unlucky) and Malu (embarrass) (Episode 2)

@ random streets of Singapore So, Robert and Cynthia meet by coincidence in while Cynthia was in dire straits - so much for being ridiculous and stomping off from their previous meeting at a blind date (click here to watch). Moral of the story - don't burn bridges. Singlish word: Malu (Malay) Meaning:

Nasi Padang on a Hot Day

@ Warong Nasi Pariaman: 736 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198704 It was our usual Sunday lunch gathering and our friend Jeremy recommended us having Nasi (rice) Padang! Nasi Padang hails from West Sumatra (where the city is known as Padang) in Indonesia. A host of curry and chilli based dishes are

Coney Island Escape

Singapore's urbanised, but there are pockets of nature to discover. Coney Island is located at the north-eastern tip of Singapore, just about 100 metres off the main island. There are 2 entrances to the island - West and East, 2.4 kilometres apart. From the West entrance, you would have to head

Singlish: A Siao (Crazy) Blind Date

Siao: Crazy (Hokkien dialect) Aka: You got to be kidding me. / You must be crazy! / This is ridiculous. On a side note on dating in Singapore: A long time ago, matchmaking was very common (we're taking about 70 years back) and people married each other when they've only met once or

@ Port of Lost Wonder, Sentosa – Kids Waterpark

Port of Lost Wonder Sentosa

@ Port of Lost Wonder - 54 Palawan Beach Walk, Sentosa It was the June school holidays and Yasmin and Jess decided to bring their nephews and niece to Sentosa! The Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) is great for kids from as young as 3 to probably 12. When the kids arrived

Liang Seah Street and Eating Duck Tongue

@ Liang Seah Street: Alight at Bugis MRT station and take Exit D We frequent Liang Seah Street for meals on weekends! Eateries line most of the street. From steamboat buffets to Thai food and authentic Chinese cuisine from various parts of China, such as the super spicy grilled fish which

Singlish Words That Are More Like Sounds

Singlish sounds

Although more Singlish words have made their way into the English dictionary (read BBC article here), there are still many that haven't. Here are more common words (or sounds) which you might overhear while out and about in Singapore. 1. Gai gai This is used on kids tell them (or lure them)

Elyn’s workout (of the year) at Macritchie Reservoir

@ MacRitchie Reservoir Park For Elyn, who hardly exercises (the soles of her shoes falling off being undeniable proof), to enjoy the 12.6km Macritchie walk, there must be a draw about the place. If you're looking for a unique way to burn off those calories from that third buffet in the month, or

How tok kong (powerful) is your Singlish?

@ a random Macdonalds outlet in Taiwan. We had awesome fun with the app Guess the Word SG! It brings together everything Singapore, from food to local brands, to highway road names, in a game. It was funny to see us trying to describe the singlish words, well, using Singlish. Lol!

Seafood in a Bag, then on the Table!

@ The Boiler - 18 Howard Road #01-06, Singapore 369585 After hearing friends talk about their experience eating seafood off the table (ewww...) with their hands at Crab in Da Bag, we decided we needed to test the level of hygiene (ya right) of eating this way. We were around Tai

8 Singapore Night Bites

8 Singaporean Night BItes

Having supper, especially on weekends, is a huge subset of Singaporeans' favourite past time - eating. There's something strangely exhilarating about feasting late at night. A short car ride would take you between supper haunts. On week nights, you would see people dining alone (probably those who work the graveyard

Things That You Hear During Chinese New Year

As Chinese New Year approaches, some people feel like it is a the start of a repeated cycle - the food (the weight gain), the ang pows (red packets) the people, the conversations, the words. Amidst the festivity, here's unveiling the softer side of CNY visiting. 1. Standard questions One thing that’s

Celebrating Johnson’s Jubilee Year!

Yes we know it's unbelievable, but it's Johnson's year of jubilee! (Using the word jubilee to avoid using the large numeric :p) We've pulled out the best of Johnson's acting and real life chops to celebrate! Cheers to 50 more years of laughter! Other Johnson videos: Singlish word: Wah piang Singlish word: Jialat