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Roti Prata Party!

@Casuarina Curry Restaurant and Catering: 187 Macpherson Road, Singapore 348545

It was a Monday and come on, who says we need TGIFs to celebrate?

We headed down to the Casuarina Curry outlet down the road from our workplace and its wonderful because it is open till midnight daily! Everyone had a different craving that evening so we got to try (even though we know how each tastes like) a little from everyone else. Roti prata (aka roti canai) is a hot favourite as a breakfast or supper option. The all-important dough kneaded and fried on a hot plate with ghee needs flipping and tossing skills to give a light, flaky prata with that bit of crisp. Ooo~! Because every local would know a good prata or dish when he sees one, every dish led to exclamations of “oohs” and “ahhs” when the food was served. The pratas at Casurina Curry failed us not! Curry gravy is a must to go with pratas – fish curry or dhal curry is usually served on the side, but you could request for mutton curry if you prefer.

The perfect prata ally – teh tarik, which is ‘pulled’ milk tea, poured between two cups a distance apart.  This repeated action makes the tea smoother to drink, and creates a nice froth that mounts the top of the glass.

At $0.80 to $4 for a prata in Singapore, (pick your filling, from egg, cheese, mushroom, banana…….), just take my money!

What makes Pearl happier is thosai – a flat, large, thin, crisp ‘pancake’ folded like a loose wrap, made with a light batter spread evenly across a hot stove, scraped off, and folded. When stuffed with soft potatoes cooked in a blend of spices, you get masala thosai. It comes served with a series of dips like a coconut dip, that enhances the simple yet comforting flavour of thosai.

Our friend Alain, who’s usually the life of a dinner conversation, was really focused on his plate of fried Maggie noodles. It must have been really good. Usually shops or stalls selling pratas also offer noodle and rice dishes, together with a range of different protein options cooked in different curries. 

Watching myself eat in this video actually makes me want to pay another visit, and yes, that fried Maggie noodles is on my to-order list.

Goodbye diet.

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