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Save money on meal fixes, tickets and all other stuff!

This page is for locals and tourists alike because not only can you get a 50% discount on a Happy Call frying pan, you can also find great discounts on entrance tickets to tourist spots here or hotel stays. Probably the most popular purchases are discounts to buffets for Singaporeans’ favourite pastime – EATING! Some sites are more focused on branded apparel or accessories, of course the stuff on sale are not the latest designs. Do read all the fine print before you make a purchase. Sometimes you need to pick up your item yourself, or pay a little more for shipping. If you are unsure at any one point of a term stated on the item listing, it would be good to drop the vendor an email to double check. For instance, sometimes certain colours for an item you wish you purchase might have run out, or a discount on an air ticket or travel package might have restrictions on travel dates, so it would be good to just double check!

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 3.05.29 pm1. Groupon
How could Groupon not be at the top of our heads when we think of group purchasing?

This group buying site probably offers the widest range of goods and services.

3. Singsale
This is more like a shopping site with great discounts on branded clothing for men, women and kids. They also have a ‘Home & Living’ section for items like quilts and kitchen items.

4. Qoo10
Qoo10 used to be known as Gmarket. Sellers sell seriously everything here, from furniture to wet tissue, to chicken, meat, that is. The great thing is that they reward buyers for posting comments about their buying experience from sellers, so with so many comments and ratings on the buyers, you know which ones are reliable.

Screen Shot 2014-05-31 at 3.15.02 pm5. All Deals Asia
This is also a group buying seat with lots of stuff, ranging from ukeleles to air conditioning maintenance services.

6. ilovedeals and Coupark
These are the ultimate, because they pull together deals from the various deal websites so you can get a good view of everything!

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