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Seafood in a Bag, then on the Table!

@ The Boiler – 18 Howard Road #01-06, Singapore 369585

After hearing friends talk about their experience eating seafood off the table (ewww…) with their hands at Crab in Da Bag, we decided we needed to test the level of hygiene (ya right) of eating this way. We were around Tai Seng so we decided to stop by The Boiler to give it a go.

We loved the chill feel of the interior, though noise level wise, everyone’s voices seemed to echo throughout the restaurant. A large plastic sheet was set on the table – nothing else. The lovely waitress helped us with our order where we could choose the seafood mix we wanted and the level of spiciness.

Our order came in what looked like a transparent… trash bag. Lol. While Jess tried to daintily open the bag to pick out a piece of seafood, the waitress showed us how they rolled at The Boiler, because she literally rolled the food out of the bag. 🙂 The seafood was super fresh, soaked in an awesome sauce with the distinct taste and aroma of butter and garlic.

Just as at Jumbo Seafood restaurants serving chilli crab, The Boiler provided plastic aprons to protect our clothes from getting stained with sauce. In case our mobile phones decided to join in the seafood fest, you can get plastic disposable covers to house your phone in.

If you’re planning on visiting The Boiler on weekends, do call to make a reservation.Gotta try this at home to avoid having to do the dishes after! 😀

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