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Singaporeans Love Taiwan!

@Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan

Elyn visited Taiwan last month and just like any other Singaporean, she had a good time indulging in the food and shopping! We just love the street food in Taiwan – fried chicken, smelly tofu, mee sua (type of noodles) and BUBBLE TEA! So much so, that you can find these foods in Singapore as well! Try the Taiwanese street food from stalls like Shihlin Snacks, and a cup of Taiwanese bubble tea from the many bubble tea chain stores you’ll see around all Singapore including Gong Cha and Koi. Shopaholic and foodie Singaporeans love to visit Taiwan for a short getaway so if you are here, you might want to visit Taiwan for a couple of days too! 赞!You can get to Taiwan on a budget from Singapore via Jetstar, Tiger Air and Scoot for as low as $250, round trip!

Singaporeans go gaga over Taiwanese bubble tea – the more popular brands with outlets sprawling across Singapore being:

  1. Gong Cha
  2. Koi 

PS: We visited Hokkaido too!

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