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Singlish: Robert and Cynthia Meet Again (Singlish word: Chum/cham) (Episode 3)

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1. Chum/Cham (Hokkien dialect): To be in a sorry state or bad situation.
– Cynthia comments that Robert was ‘chum’ because he had gone into the drain to retrieve her keys in the previous episode.
– Cynthia says ‘chum’ to herself as she was lost and didn’t know what to do when she saw Robert approaching.
– Robert says ‘chum’ to himself as he was in a situation with Cynthia again.

2. Um chio (Hokkien dialect): To smile to oneself, or showing to be secretly happy.
– The food stall owner comments that the Robert was ‘um chio’ as he seemed very happy talking to Cynthia.

3. Gan cheong (Cantonese dialect): To be nervous or anxious.
– Robert suddenly feels his heart beating hard and fast wonders why he is feeling nervous.

4. Bee bop bee bop: To describe the sound of something beating, usually that of a heart.

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