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Singlish: Suay (unlucky) and Malu (embarrass) (Episode 2)

@ random streets of Singapore

So, Robert and Cynthia meet by coincidence in while Cynthia was in dire straits – so much for being ridiculous and stomping off from their previous meeting at a blind date (click here to watch). Moral of the story – don’t burn bridges.

  1. Singlish word: Malu (Malay)
    Meaning: Embarrass
    Examples: You didn’t know who the US President was? Really malu.
    You removed your dentures at the dinner table to clean them in front of the guests? Really malu.
    I really malu-ed myself.
  2. Singlish word: Suay (Hokkien dialect)
    Meaning: To be unlucky
    Examples: Suay man. I can’t believe I had bird droppings land on me two days in a row.
    My boss from my previous company that I couldn’t get along with has now joined this new company that I’m in. Really suay.
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