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9 ways to keep warm – Soakers in Hokkaido Japan!

@ Hokkaido, Japan

Living in the fast-paced city life in Singapore, we had a good time soaking in the scenic Hokkaido for a couple days during our holiday in Japan. For us, Mount Usu was the centre, literally, of the trip. En route to the places where we visited, the active volcano was within our view most of the time. And thank God for the opportunity to catch the last of the cherry blossoms at Asahigaoka Park!

Except for the fried foods, somehow it seemed as though oil wasn’t used at all to cook all other foods. Despite the healthier food compared to Char Kway Tiao and Laksa, the 3 of us put on more than 6kg due to, what else but eating almost 24/7. We were snacking in between meals and we had an overdose of seafood because it was just too fresh! Like any Singaporean, we enjoyed walking down the streets of Otaru for barbecued street food and shopping. The famous Hokkaido chocolates and other dairy products really lived up to its name. It must be the milk that makes the food smoother and creamier! One thing you MUST try when you go – to us, the life-changing cream puff from Patissier Kitakaro. Normally you’d prefer to share a cream puff because one the size of a fist would be too rich and creamy to eat it all up by yourself. But for the cream puffs at Pattisier Kitakaro, one was not enough! They offer 3 or 4 variations – we thought the one with the cheese pastry was interesting, but we still prefer the original version. Oishii!

Another highlight was the bathhouses we enjoyed in the Jozankei View Hotel and Hilton Niseko Village. The waters were mineral laden spring water and soaking in the view in peace and quiet in the outdoor baths was really an experience, because we had to enter the baths in our emperor’s clothing. We heard there were natural hot springs up in the mountains so we have to make another trip to experience those!

We were also amazed by the excellent service by the Japanese practically everywhere we went! Their courtesy, politeness and calm nature were really something for us to learn from.

Hokkaido, till we meet again!

Places we visited: Otaru, Sapporo City, Lake Toya (view of Mount Usu), Noboridetsu Date Jidaimura Feature Attractions, Asahigaoka Park, Rera Chitose Outlet Mall

Where we stayed: Jozankei View Hotel, Hilton Niseko Village

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