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Souvenir Gifts from Singapore!

If you want to get something for your family and friends after your vacation in Singapore well, there are more options other than keychains and fridge magnets!

KayaKaya spread

This is a pretty sweet bread or cracker spread and it’s used in the famous Kaya Butter Toast. This simple breakfast food emerged from the humble coffeeshop to joints like Ya Kun, Toastbox and Wang Jiao around SG. You can get ready packed kaya in a jar from these shops or from neighbourhood bakeries as well.

souvenir t shirt

Everyone could do with another T-shirt!

You can get the evergreen T-shirt souvenir from as low as $3 apiece. Enough said!

Pandan cake

Pandan cake

We hear that for some reason, pandan cake is a must-buy for visitors from Hong Kong. Pandan cake is a chiffon cake with pandan extract from pandan leaves, giving the cake its flavour and colour. It’s fragrant and can last out of the refrigerator for about 3-4 days in SG’s humid climate. Best place to get – where else but at the airport before you catch your flight so it remains fresh for the next few days. You can find pandan cake at Bengawan Solo in Terminals 1, 2 and 3.

PremixPrima Taste local food premixes

People tend to rave about the food in SG so what better way to express it than to bring Singapore food to your family and friends! There are premixes and instant foods for chicken rice, laksa and even chilli crab. All you need, is to know how to follow instructions. Stocking up on some of these premixes at home too is a good idea should you suddenly crave some curry chicken. What’s best is that it tastes like the real deal too.

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Bak Kwa - barbecued pork slices, also available in chicken

Bak kwa

As what Jess says, “Tastes like beef jerky!” (click here to watch Jess overeat bak kwa), albeit this is the pork version and has a sweetness to it. This barbecued meat is most popular during Chinese New Year, but they are available all year round from bak kwa joints like Bee Cheng Hiang.

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Pork floss (buns)

breadtalk floss breadSome thought the pork floss buns would be a fad when they first emerged from Breadtalk and sold in bakeries, but they survived and are not an evergreen bread choice. You can get some good floss buns from Breadtalk chain of bakeries. I fyou want just the pork flss, you can get them in jars from any barbucued meat shop like Bee Cheng Hiang. The floss goes well with porridge or rice and can be stored for some time. Chicken floss is available too.

Well now that we’re done with this writeup, we realize that all the items above except one are food items. Lol~ that’s what Singapore is all about isn’t it?

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  1. Awww, I love kaya! Yours looks almost fulroo green though? Did 20g pandan juice do that, or is it the lighting? I’d expect a more toned down green. I’m sure it’s delicious nonetheless!

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