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A Super Singlish Conversation

Singlish word: Chin chye (Cantonese dialect)

To be okay with anything / anything is fine.

In the video, Cynthia was okay with Johnson getting any kind of food for her. So to Johnson’s question, ‘What would you like?’, Cynthia’s response was ‘Chin chye,’ aka ‘Anything.’


Wife: Should I get the yellow or orange pail?
Husband: Chin chye lah! It’s just a pail!

He is (a) very chin chye (person). Why not you pick a restaurant and just inform him later? He will be fine with that.


Singlish word: Shiok

To express satisfaction after experiencing something.

In the video, the food was so good that Cynthia and Johnson both exclaimed ‘Shiok!’


(After being under the hot sun for an hour and then stepping into an airconditioned mall): Wah shiok!

The massage was really shiok man!

A: How was the dinner?
B: There’s only one word to describe it, ‘Shiok.’



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  1. Hi!Using Singlish in our daily conversation has its pros and cons.There were times in which I had to use Singlish alosmt daily in my course of work to communicate with foreigners who are not well-versed in English.The Pros – They are able to understand my intentions better in comparison with the use of ‘standard’ English or complete sentences.The Cons – After using Singlish for a long period of time, your brain is so fine-tuned to it that you find it difficult to ‘switch’ back and converse using proper English.Cheers.

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