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How tok kong (powerful) is your Singlish?

@ a random Macdonalds outlet in Taiwan.

We had awesome fun with the app Guess the Word SG! It brings together everything Singapore, from food to local brands, to highway road names, in a game. It was funny to see us trying to describe the singlish words, well, using Singlish. Lol! One thing we discovered about one of our Indian friends who played the game with us, was that her Hokkien was tok kong (powerful)!

Here’s adding to your Singlish vocabulary:

1. Tok kong (Hokkien): to describe someone as very good/powerful.
– He’s guitar playing is tok kong!
– You actually dared to rebut your boss? Tok kong.

2. Kayu (Malay): means ‘wood’ in Malay. To describe someone who is dull. This is especially used at soccer stadiums where you will hear fans yell “Referee kayu!” when think that the referee has made a bad call.

3. Neh neh pok (Hokkien): breasts, where ‘neh’ means breast in Hokkien

4. Mata (Malay): police, or eyes

5. Heng (Hokkien): luckily, fortunately

6. Kaki (Malay): friend

7. Pak tor (Hokkien): to go on a date

8. Gan cheong spider (Cantonese): To describe someone who is always anxious


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