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Population: There are 5.3million people on our island, of which 60.5% are citizens and 10% are permanent residents. Population density stands at 7600 per square meter

Demographics: 74.2% Chinese, 13.3% Malay, 19.2% Indian, Other races

Life expectancy: 82. Yes, given the advanced healthcare system in Singapore, we live long lives. It is common for people from neighbouring countries to come to Singapore for medical services too.

Languages: English, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil. The medium of instruction in schools is English. Students also take a second language, usually their mother tongue.

Religions: Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Taoism, others. You are free to choose your religion here!

Location: Latitudes 1o09’N, 1o29’N, longitudes 103o36’E and 104o25’E (137km north of the Equator). Singapore lies just south of the southern tip of Malaysia, separated by the Straits of Johor water body. It just takes a less than 10 minute drive across the Straits of Johor from the immigration checkpoint to get to Malaysia. South of Singapore is Indonesia. You can get to Indonesia by ferry in just 45 minutes.

Land area: 723 square kilometres over 63 islands. Of this land, about 150 square kilometres is reclaimed land. The main Singapore island is 50km wide from east to west, and 26km from north to south. The other larger islands which are developed and used include Sentosa, Jurong island, Pulau (meaning island in Malay) Tekong and Pulau Ubin.

Climate: Hot, humid and wet. Temperature ranges between 23°C (73.4°F) and 34°C (93.2°F) with the monsoon seasons being around June-August and November-January. The warmest period is in May. Dress lightly. An umbrella would do you good in both sun and rain.

Independence day: 9 August 1965

National anthem: Majulah Singapura (meaning Onward Singapore in Malay)

National Day falls on the 9th of AugustFlag: Red and white, with a crescent and five stars. Red represents universal brotherhood and equality and white stands for purity and virtue. The crescent symbolises a young nation while the five stars represent peace, progress, democracy, justice and equality.

Government: Parliamentary republic (President: Tony Tan, Prime minister: Lee Hsien Loong)

GDP per capita: USD 56,000

Major industries: Electronics, manufacturing, banking, tourism, education

Dialing code: +65

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