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It is really convenient to get around Singapore by public transport with access to across the island by train, bus or cab! Click on the following links for a full writeup/videos on taking the train, bus or taxis.

1. Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) (subway)

2. Buses
Taking the bus
3. Taxis/Cabs


4. Driving

You can rent a car easily from the airport through companies such as Avis. Land is limited in Singapore land and with the population density, you might find yourself getting caught in a jam during rush hours. Finding parking space might be a little challenging as well at certain shopping malls and housing estates during festive seasons or meal times.

Paying for ERP and Parking fees

You will need a Cash Card to pay for all ERP (road tolls) charges and most parking fees. The Cash Card is inserted into the IU (In-Vehicle Unit) which will see at the right hand side of the dashboard in your rented car. The fees are automatically deducted from your Cash Card so make sure it’s inserted properly. You may purchase a Cash Card at convenience stores such as 7-Eleven. At most housing estates, Parking Coupons are used instead to pay for the parking fees.

We would recommend you to the public transport because it is quick and cost effective to get you around, and most importantly, you experience the Singaporean way of getting around on the island.

For local maps and how to get where via MRT, bus or car, visit or


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