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Try some Singapore-style Carrot Cake (Cai Tao Kway)!

@ Marine Terrace hawker centre: Breakfast is always exciting in Singapore because we have so much to choose from! One of the top favourites – Carrot Cake!! And no, it’s not the Western carrot cake dessert, neither is there any carrot in this local Carrot Cake. The key ingredients are radish, eggs and preserved turnip  It is commonly known here as Cai Tao (radish) Kway, in the Hokkien dialect.

You can find Carrot Cake at almost any hawker centre or food court, and in most coffee shops for between $2.50-$6.

Tip: Ask for “black” carrot cake for the version with sweet sauce, and let the stall holder know if you want chilli in your carrot cake.



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