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The Most Used Adjective in Singapore: Nice

The most used word in Singapore to describe food, weather, people, places and any thing else positively is…… drumroll, the word “nice”. Yup, we know how incredibly all-encompassing and versatile this word is.

Singaporeans use ‘nice’ in almost every context.

He’s a nice guy.

The movie was quite nice.

These people are really nice.

Nice place!

Q: How’s the drink?
A: Very nice!

Wow, your dress/house/bag/hair is very nice.

The beach was soooo nice.

So nice, the hotel.

The bed is so nice (comfortable).

After taking one bite into ice cream: Very nice!

You may say locals have limited vocabulary, but hey, we express the level of niceness in our tone and expression. Why use bombastic words when “nice” fits in for everything? :p We also attach singlish words to give ‘nice’ more meaning. For instance ‘Nice meh?’ would mean also mean ‘Are you sure it’s nice?’, in doubt. ‘Nice lah!’, implies that something is definitely nice.

Second to “nice”, we venture to say the next most commonly used word to describe something, well, nice, is “good”.  No prizes for guessing.

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