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What to Expect at Singapore Changi Airport

Travelling can be a pain sometimes, especially when the essentials (SIM Card or transportation information) are far out of reach, or that you aren’t too sure where to find them. Fret not, Soak in Singapore brings to you a comprehensive video of what to expect when you touch down at Singapore’s very own Changi Airport!

From the basic communication tools to local restaurants you can patronise just to fuel up for your next adventure, all found at Changi Airport! You don’t even have to travel out to get them, it is so easy!


There are various methods for transportation out of Changi Airport: The bus, the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), and the taxi.

The MRT station (Changi Airport) is located at the basement level of Terminal 2 and 3.
Cost: Tickets can be bought at the automated machines located just outside the gantry (watch the video for a comprehensive guide on how to buy the MRT tickets). They cost around $2.40 for a single trip to the city area (City Hall).
Duration: The duration of a train ride from Changi Airport to City Hall is 40 minutes. To find out the durations from Changi Airport to other places, there is a comprehensive board in the station itself providing the information.  Alternatively, you can always find the information online. Click here for the local subway map.

The MRT is the most comprehensive and fool-proof mode of transport, Soak in Singapore recommends this mode of transport out of the airport!

Watch and learn how to take the MRT in Singapore!

The bus stations are located at the basement level of every terminal.
Cost: Bus tickets can be purchased on the bus itself, but do try to bring the exact amount (coins are preferred) as there is no change provided. The maximum fare for a bus ride costs $3, but it depends on the distance traveled. Approach the bus drivers for the exact cost of your bus fare.
Duration: Duration for buses are generally longer than the MRT, ranging from 30 minutes to an hour and a half to the city center. Bus number 36 goes to Orchard Road with duration of about an hour.

Watch and learn how to take buses in Singapore!

Taxi stands are located on the levels of both the Arrival Halls and Departure Halls in every terminal. The estimated cost for a normal taxi to Orchard (city area) is about SGD 25.

Uber and Grab are also possible options, download their mobile applications and follow the instructions. They cost slightly lesser than taxi.


Singapore is an interconnected city and free wifi services are provided to the public! Just log in via the ‘Free Wifi’ booths or approach the information desks for assistance.
Portable Wifi devices are also available at the airport with a small fee. This can bring a huge convenince while travelling but Singapore has free wifi areas throughout the country and thus, this isn’t completely necessary.


There is such a spread of cuisines to choose from just at Changi Airport, (this really represents the characteristic of Singapore; a mix pot of cultures). Fancy some local cuisine? Local eateries such as Wang Cafe and YaKun Toast are conveniently located in each terminal!

Goods and Service Tax  (GST) Refund:

There are many perks of being a tourist in Singapore, the GST refund is just one of the many! Refer to this article for a detailed description on how to get your GST refund.


Crowne Plaza Singapore is located right in Changi Airport, it is accessible via Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. This accommodation is convenient for those who have a late night or early morning flight.


Friendly staffs are stationed at information desks planted throughout the airport if you require further assistance.


Wait! What do you mean you’re just laying over Singapore? Don’t worry, Soak in Singapore can help you make the best out of your few hours in this city. Singapore spans over a tiny geographical area and this makes traveling to the attractions from the airport a breeze. Refer to this page for recommendations on a day’s walkabout in Singapore.

There are counters in the airport as well for tourists to get help from for travellers who haven’t planned an itinerary!

These are some and the most important tips we can provide for you! Be sure to check out Changi Airport’s website for interesting events or exhibitions you can attend or view while at the airport too! Have a great time venturing in this concrete city!

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